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Focusing on life's quality when quantity is limited.

Bridging the Gap

Who We Are

Our mission is focusing on life's quality when quantity is limited. 
Crossroads Hospice...
Takes pride in offering palliative care to patients and families facing life-limiting illnesses. We want you and your family to experience the best quality of life. We focus on symptom managment with pain control rather than a cure. 
Crossroads Hospice...
Will be there for you and your family when the patient and/or family have been informed that there is not curative treatment for life-limiting disease/illness. The patient and family will be able to build relationships and establish bonds with all hospice disciplines much more effectively if the services are started early. Services can begin as early as when the patient and/or family decides to stop aggressive/curative treamtnet. These relationships are essential in developing and maintaining the patient's unique Plan of Care. We are able to take care of the patient athome or nearby Nursing Homes if Crossroads Hospice has a contact iwth SNF. 
Crossroads Hospice...
Realizes that physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs are specific for each patient and family. We have developed a unique Interdisciplinary Team to help assist you and your family in all aspects of end of life care. 


  1. Crossroads Hospice Surveys
    "The service and care for my mom was excellent. Our family was very very satisfied. We can't thank you all enough; you were there in time of our needs. Again, thanks very much"
  2. Crossroads Hospice Surveys
    "Everyone was great! Thank you so much for your services. We appreciate everything! Thank you Mary Beth Westmoreland and for you kindness and act of love during this time. You kept up informed with everything about our mom. Crossroads has a great business and great staff. We appreciate everything you do for others."
  3. Crossroads Hospice Surveys
    "Thank you for the wonderful care and the great expense you saved me. I have a statement from Medicare and the cost you saved me and the wonderful care cannot be equal from nor to any of our sources. Thank you."
  4. Crossroads Hospice Surveys
    "Dr. Albritton and Monica were superb and went beyond to make mother comfortable. They were always willing to talk with me about her care and medicines."