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Focusing on life's quality when quantity is limited.

Bridging the Gap


Crossroads Hospice provides peace, comfort and caring to terminally ill people and their families. We are dedicated to ensuring that your loved one die with dignity and without pain or discomfort. Our team consists of physicians, registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers, counselors, volunteers and other health care professionals that are specifically trained to assist you. We are proud of their accomplishments and know they help us provide legendary hospice services to patients and families.
  1. Bro. Paul Lipe
    Bro. Paul Lipe
  2. Monica Odom, RN
    Monica Odom, RN
    Asst. Director of Nursing
  3. Mary Beth Westmoreland, RN
    Mary Beth Westmoreland, RN
    Director of Nursing, Administrator
  4. Michelle Philley
    Michelle Philley
    Licensed Master Social Worker
  5. Garan Lively
    Garan Lively
  6. Evelyn Dixon
    Evelyn Dixon
    Certified Nursing Assistant
  7. Mercy Rollins
    Mercy Rollins
    Office Administrator
Other members of our staff include:
​Brenda Whitney, CNA ; Ava Hudson, CNA ; Monica Grayson, RN ; Carol Odom, RN ; Brigette Vandevere, RN

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at Crossroads Hospice is a deeply rewarding and unique opportunity.  Crossroads Hospice volunteers are an exceptional group of caring and compassionate people who offer our patients and their caregivers support as they face life-limiting illnesses
All of our volunteers receive extensive training in providing comfort and support to families facing end-of-life issues. Topics covered during volunteer training include hospice and palliative care, ways to improve communication, active listening, identifying and respecting cultural differences, spirituality and grief and the healing process.
To learn more about our volunteer program, please contact us at (318) 878-2182 or complete our online contact form.