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Focusing on life's quality when quantity is limited.

Bridging the Gap


Referrals to Crossroads Hospice should be made as early in the terminal phase as possible. Early referrals (months before death versus days before death) provide the patient and family with more opportunity to work through issues such as: grief, symptom management, financial, and personal arrangements. This way, the final phase of life can be filled with quality and love, so death may be met with dignity.
Physicians, nurses, social workers or discharge planning/case managers may begin the referrals process by completing the referral form available below. Please fax the referral form, along with the patient's face sheet and medical records to (318) 878-2185.
As a healthcare partner, we value your referrals and take pride in working closely with our referral sources. For any questions, please contact our office at (318) 878-2182. Thank you!

Referral Form